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How Do We Do It?

Invigorate Your Clients With
New Ideas.

Innovate for your customers and achieve temporary success... innovate with your customers and create long term results.

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Need a Plan?

Got an idea, but not sure how to commit it to paper? Staff tied up dealing with day to day issues? Tired of looking at those software generated business plans even you find hard to read? Candor Hill may have your solution.

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Grow Your Sales

Our client-specific solutions maximize sales performance and profitability in business to business and business to government activities. Proven methodologies boost the best behaviors leading to better understanding of clients’ value propositions and situations and your bottom line.

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Cash Flow Issues?

Cash flow management is imperative to success in any business. If your company is hampered by cash flow issues, we provide the tools and proven approach to help you gain control of your cash.

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You're an Entrepreneur, Embrace it

Firms with a culture of established employee entrepreneurship have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our techniques and training will re-energize your team and help you implement a program where employees at every level can gain a greater understanding of ownership, risk-management and risk-taking.

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Ward Hill

Ward Hill™ and his team provide the knowledge and skills needed to help you compete in today’s marketplace. With a proven track record and years of experience across a variety of industries, Ward and the team possess a broad knowledge base and many skills. Ward actively partners with his clients, helping them attain their goals while developing a studied plan and decisive implementation. He is currently a faculty member for Capital University, where he serves as an Executive Professor and The Harold Squire Chair in Entrepreneurship at the School of Management and Leadership. As a senior executive during his business career and a business professor at Capital University he has trained and developed hundreds of successful business professionals to achieve greater levels of leadership and success. An excellent communicator with a great understanding of the holistic process of business management, Ward can help you develop your team from good to great.

Ward and Candor Hill are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, one of the top geographic locations for manufacturing, banking, health care, logistics and distribution companies in America.

Leadership Quote of the Week

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost


How to Be a Boss & Friend: Defining the Line

A common problem many leaders face throughout their careers is how to be both a leader and a friend among peers. Whether you’re building a business with friends or you find yourself supervising or managing them, there are bound to be conflicts. How do you reprimand or fire them if they aren’t doing their jobs? […]

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